Monkey Wrench Daily November 24 2021 Answers

Are you searching for Monkey Wrench Daily November 24 2021 Answers, then you came on the right website. Finding the right path of every single correct answer may seem pretty easy for some of you, but believe me that sometimes it gets really hard to find the correct one. If you want your mind to remain fit and active for several years, and you want to maintain a healthy level of cognitive skills, namely analysis, comprehensive thinking, and logic, then you should definitely solve one crossword puzzle at least every day, or every two days. Have fun by solving Monkey Wrench.

Monkey Wrench Daily November 24 2021 Answers:

Country anagram pairs: NEPAL & PANEL – OMAN & MOAN – PERU & PURE

Sports using a paddle: CANOEING – RAFTING

Animals with scales: ARMADILLO


British car makers: LAND ROVER – MCLAREN

TV news anchors: DAN RATHER

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